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Sheffield home mover lock package

Have you moved home or are planning to? Then this special package is for you!

Our packages are all individually priced for each home and is dependent on the type of doors you have. We would also recommend that if you have a garage door, then this lock is changed at the same time.

The benefit is that all locks that are fitted will be British Standard, insurance approved locks so ensuring the best possible future security.

Do you know who might have a spare key?

Have you considered who may have a spare key to your new home? In the unlikely event that a key is used to gain access to your home, it will be better to be safe, rather than sorry. For your convenience an appointment can be arranged to have the locks changed the day you move in as well.

If you don't change your locks you could be putting yourself and your family at risk of a potential break-in. Additionally, if you’re burgled by a previous occupier with a key, you may not be fully covered with your insurance company

The more you replace the more you save

Because of the potential multiple lock changes required we can offer exclusive discounts the more locks you replace. Typically, the locks we replace include: front door, back door, garage door, patio doors, conservatory doors and french doors.

To find out how much you could save, please contact SF Locksmith today!

Anti-Snap lock package

 In Sheffield at the moment "lock snapping" is on the increase and will continue to do so whilst there are the old style euro locks still fitted on doors. If you have been the victim of lock snapping, know someone who has or read about it in the papers or on the interent you will realise how quick and easy it is to break the standard euro cylinder.

With this in mind SF Locksmiths have put together this fantastic "anti-snap lock replacement package" using high security Ultion Locks.

The average home has three euro cylinders fitted to it's doors and the price to change all three is £200 in total. Extra locks are just £40 each and all come with a 5 year guarantee

We are able to offer these prices from having direct contact with the manufacturers of the leading anti-snap lock; Ultion Lock

This particular anti-snap lock offers added protection against drilling, picking, bumping and attack. There is no better cylinder on the market at the moment. 

To find out more about this package, please contact SF Locksmith today!

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Anti-Snap lock package

Make your home secure, invest in our Anti-Snap lock package.

Home mover lock package

Moving house? Save money with our Home Mover Lock Package.

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