Tilt and Slide Door Repairs Sheffield

5th November 2013

Tilt and slide doors are a common fitting in the Sheffield area. If you have one of these doors and there is a problem with it, SF Locksmith specialise in the service and repair of tilt and slide doors in the Sheffield district.

Do not consider purchasing a new sliding patio door before receiving a free quote for a repair first. Your local double glazing installer will tell you that a repair is not possible, we will tell you different! And save you lots of cash.

The things likely to go wrong on a tilt and slide door

Drive gear failure

To open or put the door on vent you have to rotate the handle first. This handle controls a "drive gear" which moves the locking points that run around the edge. This can fail through wear and tear after many years of use. The door can drop a little as well and this puts extra stress on the lower locking points causing resistance. If the handle had become harder to operate recently then that is a sign that this was a problem. 

What does this mean?

Call us now for a free over the phone quote with any information found on the door. We will be able to replace this drive gear and also give the door a service at the same time.

If the door is still in a closed position this will not prevent a problem. We are experienced locksmiths and have not yet failed to open a tilt and slide door that has failed in a closed position.

The Door Falls Away At The Top!

Tilt & slide doors are guided at the top by a pair of gliders and link arms. This is what holds the door upright and in place when open.

Unfortunately they do wear out after years of use and break into pieces. The first time you will know about this is when the door falls away at the top. Hopefully you have managed to get the door shut and are now reading this article looking for help.

Call us now and we can have these replaced quickly without any fuss and your door will be safe to use again.

The Door Is Difficult to Lock or Slide Into Place

This problem can arise from a variety of things. The door glides back and forth on a part called a bottom bogey. The linkage on this can become loose and needs realigning. The bottom bogey itself has some springs built into the closing mechanism that can snap.

If any of the above problems seem similar to your issue call SF Locksmith now and we will be able to advise what the best solution is and arrange an appointment to repair or replace the parts. 

All our work is covered by a two year guarantee as well. 

Tilt & Slide Door  Handles

Tilt and slide door handles usually come in two lengths in locking and non locking varients. If you have lost the keys or a key is broken in the lock itself SF Locksmith carry a selection of handles in different finishes. If the handle is locked this will not present a major problem either.

If you the type of tilt and slide door which can be locked on the outside as well as the inside, these locks are easily exchanged and upgraded to an antisnap version. 

Call SF Locksmith now on 0114 291 9070 for a service or repair to a tilt and slide door in Sheffield.

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A very professional job, efficient and competent, we felt at ease and would be confident recommending this company.

Ann Barlow, Mosborough, Sheffield

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