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Ultion locks: The ultimate high-security product

5th December 2017

There is no substitute for choosing high-security locks for your home. Ultion offers locks with the ultimate combination of security and affordability, making their products the number one choice for locksmiths in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and the rest of the country.

And with good reason. Ultion door locks have been approved by the police, who praised their ability to ‘design out crime’ by bringing together innovation and premium components. The product has also been rigorously tested by the Master Locksmith Association and British Standards, which awarded Ultion locks the highest three-star rating.

Ultion door locks fitted in Sheffield by SF Locksmith

Protection against tampering

The techniques used by thieves are becoming increasingly complex – and Ultion locks are up to the job of keeping unwanted visitors out of your home.

Ultion locks have anti-snap features, which means burglars are unable to snap the interior lock mechanism once they’ve removed the outer handle. Lock bumping is another common method used by thieves, but thanks to Ultion’s bump-resistant pins, the chances of them gaining entry are greatly minimised.

These locks also have a molybdenum core, so when a thief attempts lock drilling on your property, they will quickly realise it is pretty much impossible.

Standing the test of time

Another feature of Ultion locks is that they will survive wear and tear. Once fitted by a professional locksmith in South Yorkshire, they’ll last for years to come, helping keep your home more secure than cheaper and inferior alternatives.

It’s not uncommon for debris to build up a lock over time, meaning they don’t function as well as they should. Ultion locks are shaped in such a way that they wipe the key clean as it enters, and as there are no magnets on the key, it won’t carry fragments of metal that will damage the lock over time.

What really sets Ultion locks apart is their 11 security pins, capable of creating more than 294,000 different key combinations to reduce the chance of entry. This also eliminates the need for extra key dimples, therefore keeping debris out of the lock.

Easy to use

Ultion locks may have all these high-security features, but you will still find them as easy to use as any other type of lock.

It’s simple to lock the door from the inside, so you and your family can feel totally secure night and day. If you happen to leave your key in the door, Ultion locks will continue to function as well as they normally do.

SF Locksmith in Sheffield - Ultion lock fitting

Professional Ultion lock fitting in Sheffield

Once you’ve made the decision to fit Ultion locks, the next step is finding a South Yorkshire locksmith to carry out the job. We have over 20 years’ experience in the industry and have fitted this type of lock to many homes throughout the region.

Not only this, all our work is guaranteed for two years, giving you even more peace of mind. Get in touch with us directly on 0114 291 9070 for your free, no-obligation quote, or to find out more about how to enhance your home’s security with Ultion locks.

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