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Should You Fit Your Own Door Lock

6th April 2016

Britain is a nation of DIY-ers; from putting up shelves to trying our hand at tiling, most of us will have a go at various tasks throughout the home.

However, regardless of how much enthusiasm you put into the job, there are some that simply need to be left to the professionals. One of these is fitting door locks. After all, a lock is often the only thing standing in the way of people being able to enter your home or business as they please.

Having a professional locksmith carry out the job can save both time and money in the long run. And here's why.

The right product for the job

One trip to your local hardware store and you'll soon realise just how many types of door lock are available. Do you need a mortice lock or will a cylinder lock do the job? Would a rim automatic deadlatch be more suited to your needs?

Chances are all this terminology will be alien to most people, which is why a professional locksmith in South Yorkshire should be your first port of call. They'll be able to recommend which door lock you need, before making sure it's properly installed.

Alignment is key

In order for door locks to function properly, the mechanism needs to be correctly aligned with the door frame. This might sound easy in theory, but in practice it's something that involves taking a variety of different measurements and an eye for precision.

All it takes is for the lock to be slightly out of place and you could find yourself experiencing all sorts of problems. From the lock becoming jammed to damage to the door and its frame, you will find it's a much better option to leave it to a professional locksmith. This way you can avoid needing a complete lock replacement or lock repair sooner than you had intended.

Keep in line with British Standards

It's advisable to choose a lock that meets British Standards. Not only will this ensure your property is secure, but it's also something many companies look for when you take out a home insurance policy.

Buying a door lock over the counter means you run the risk of buying a product that's not quite right for the job at hand. Even if you do purchase a product that meets British Standards, it will only be effective if it's been installed properly - another reason not to do it yourself!

Get in touch with an experienced locksmith in South Yorkshire

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