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11 June

Types Of Locks For Commercial Properties

“There's no business like showbusiness,” sang Ethel Merman. But can we be sure she had properly considered all the other types of business? Had she investigated the structures of limited companies for instance, perhaps done a bit of research into Limited Liability Partnerships, or even experienced the joys and stresses of being a sole trader? We may never truly be sure. 

I mention this fact, not because of a hitherto unexpressed love of 1950s musicals, but rather because I have realised that almost all of my musings on this site have revolved around the subject of home security, rather neglecting the subject of businesses and commercial properties.  What makes this more of an oddity is that a good chunk of my time is actually spent dealing with the business sector – I don’t exclusively work with residential properties.

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05 December

Ultion locks: The ultimate high-security product

There is no substitute for choosing high-security locks for your home. Ultion offers locks with the ultimate combination of security and affordability, making their products the number one choice for locksmiths in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and the rest of the country.

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06 April

Should You Fit Your Own Door Lock

Britain is a nation of DIY-ers; from putting up shelves to trying our hand at tiling, most of us will have a go at various tasks throughout the home.

However, regardless of how much enthusiasm you put into the job, there are some that simply need to be left to the professionals. One of these is fitting door locks. After all, a lock is often the only thing standing in the way of people being able to enter your home or business as they please.

Having a professional locksmith carry out the job can save both time and money in the long run. And here's why.

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