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How to avoid being a victim of letterbox crime

29th May 2015

The nation's burglars are in search of new methods to break into your home - and this includes using your letterbox. The bad news is that it's no longer a case of them using a fishing rod to steal your keys, as their techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

However, there are some steps you can take to better protect your property. We've put together a list of the top ways to guard against letterbox crime, and many of them might be easier than you think!

Install key-operated locks

Locks that operate by turning a thumb piece can be especially vulnerable to letterbox crime. Thieves have come up with intricate contraptions that can reach through the flap and turn the knob on the back of the lock. Replacing your locks with key-operated alternatives could be a safer option, providing that you remember to remove the key!

Choose a letterbox with a draught excluder

Some letterboxes have a brush inside, which serves a dual purpose. Not only does the brush prevent draughts from circulating your home, but also means people can't see into your property. If thieves can't see anything worth stealing, the chances are they will look elsewhere.

Fit a mail cage

A mail cage will collect up all your post, as well as guard the inside of your letterbox. This will make it more difficult for thieves to use their gadgets to tamper with your locks and steal your keys. It's also another effective way of blocking their view.

Get rid of your letterbox

Some people choose to get rid of their letterbox altogether, which undoubtedly has its benefits. This will give one less way of being able to gain access to your property, and you'll still be able to receive your post. Standalone mail boxes are a popular alternative, much in the same way as you see in American TV shows!

Keep keys out of the way

If like many people you often toss your keys to one side when you first get through the door, it's time to change your habits. Simply moving them to a safer location can minimise the risk of letterbox burglary. We also advise that you avoid using key racks, as these are only too easy to find should somebody ever gain access to your property.

Don't give thieves a helping hand

Many thieves are opportunistic, which is why you need to make your property seem as unappealing as possible. They're much more likely to choose a home that seems like an easy target. Don't leave gardening equipment or anything else in sight that might encourage a passer-by to try gaining access to your home through the letterbox.

Make your home as secure as possible!

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