5 ways to secure your home before you leave for your holidays

2nd September 2014

Recently we've heard many people talking about their upcoming holidays and what activities they've got planned to enjoy themselves whilst they are away. But imagine coming back from a perfectly relaxing or fun action-packed holiday to find that your home has been broken into. Unsurprisingly over 50% of break-ins take place when a property is unoccupied, so for many homeowners this scenario is all too familiar.

Reduce the chance of a break-in

Following our advice on the 5 things to do before you leave for your holidays can reduce the chance of a home security breach whilst you are away, so you can get back to planning your days in the sun!

Reduce the chance of a break-in

1. Write a list of what you need to lock up

On the day you leave for your holidays you're most likely going to be in a bit of a fluster - often because you've misplaced something or you're worried about getting to the airport in time. It's in these hectic last moments that people forget to make sure everything is locked up and secure. To avoid forgetting something important write a list of everything that needs locking and make sure you do as much as you can the night before you leave. Including locking the shed, garage and each individual window - these are often missed and too much of a good opportunity for a burglar.

2. Get some help from a friend

Enlisting the help of a close friend, family member or trusted neighbour can further increase the chance of your home being secure whilst you are away. Get a spare set of keys cut for this trusted person, leave them with some emergency contact numbers, and ask them if they could sort your post and mow the lawn. A pile of post on the mat and an unruly garden are the sort of things that give the game away and let burglars know that the house is empty. Don't forget to buy your kind friend a gift to say thanks whilst you are away!

3. Resist the temptation to boast

Discussing your holiday plans in public years ago meant that a stranger could overhear and have all of the information they needed to plan a break-in on your home. Don't get us wrong, this still happens now, but the threat is made even stronger by the way we now communicate online and share personal information with strangers. So many burglaries nowadays are the result of an excitable traveller sharing their holiday plans on Twitter or Facebook. So when you tell your most trusted friends that you are going away, tell them in private and let others know what a great time you had when you return.

4. Keep your most valuable items out of view

Burglars like to take a quick peek inside your windows to see what's worth breaking in to steal. It could be that they are looking for expensive TVs or easy to carry high value items such as games consoles or antiques. The last thing you want whilst you are away is to give a burglar a reason to break in, so invest in some net curtains or privacy blinds, and make sure you keep your valuable items somewhere they cannot be seen.

5. Buy a security timer

Ideally when you are going away you want it to look like you are still at home. A simple security timer isn't expensive to buy and can give the impression of someone being in the house. They are usually really simple to operate and you can use them to turn on lights, the television or other appliances whilst you are away. With some you can programme them to do this at random times so there isn't an obvious pattern for a burglar to detect.

Can our locksmith services help?

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