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11 June

Types Of Locks For Commercial Properties

“There's no business like showbusiness,” sang Ethel Merman. But can we be sure she had properly considered all the other types of business? Had she investigated the structures of limited companies for instance, perhaps done a bit of research into Limited Liability Partnerships, or even experienced the joys and stresses of being a sole trader? We may never truly be sure. 

I mention this fact, not because of a hitherto unexpressed love of 1950s musicals, but rather because I have realised that almost all of my musings on this site have revolved around the subject of home security, rather neglecting the subject of businesses and commercial properties.  What makes this more of an oddity is that a good chunk of my time is actually spent dealing with the business sector – I don’t exclusively work with residential properties.

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24 March

Upvc Door Repairs in Sheffield

Upvc door repairs in Sheffield? When I started as a locksmith many years ago, I never realised what it all involved. I expected to be called out at any time of day to help the general public into their homes when keys had been lost or stolen. But in reality being a locksmith involves so much more nowadays and most of us choose an avenue that we enjoy. Some locksmiths do warrant work, I chose the upvc door repair road and I love it.

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05 December

Ultion locks: The ultimate high-security product

There is no substitute for choosing high-security locks for your home. Ultion offers locks with the ultimate combination of security and affordability, making their products the number one choice for locksmiths in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and the rest of the country.

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06 April

Should You Fit Your Own Door Lock

Britain is a nation of DIY-ers; from putting up shelves to trying our hand at tiling, most of us will have a go at various tasks throughout the home.

However, regardless of how much enthusiasm you put into the job, there are some that simply need to be left to the professionals. One of these is fitting door locks. After all, a lock is often the only thing standing in the way of people being able to enter your home or business as they please.

Having a professional locksmith carry out the job can save both time and money in the long run. And here's why.

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12 December

Brief History of Locks

It's nearly Christmas and you might be expecting me to do a blog relating to the festive season. Well perhaps this locksmith isn't going to play by those rules. They don't call me the Renegade Locksmith for nothing, you know. Okay, they don't call me that at all. But if they knew I wasn't doing a Christmas-related blog they might. Instead, I'm going to talk about *big intake of breath*.... a brief history of locks. *waits for stunned silence followed by rapturous applause*. Oh.. okay, maybe the applause comes later. 

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15 November

Social Media Security Measures

I was visiting London last month, marvelling at the scenery and gasping at the prices they expect you to pay for a pint of beer,  when I ended up in the middle of Piccadilly Circus, surrounded by the flashing neon signs and electronic advertisements. Suddenly, all the screens went black, and a loud cough could be heard from their direction, alerting everyone’s attention upwards. Even in London, where they elected a children’s TV character as mayor, this was an unusual occurrence, and caused locals and tourists alike to stop what they were doing, and stare up at the screens. There, they found that the image of a middle-aged lady was fading in, until her face filled every single one of the available electronic surfaces. She looked directly down at us all and began to speak:

“Greetings to you all. My name is Cynthia Evans. I live at 36 Shandy Street in Hackney. I am not there at the moment however, as I am on a month long safari in Africa, and will not be back for several weeks.”

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29 May

How to avoid being a victim of letterbox crime

The nation's burglars are in search of new methods to break into your home - and this includes using your letterbox. The bad news is that it's no longer a case of them using a fishing rod to steal your keys, as their techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

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31 March

Do you need to change your locks when moving house?

One of the most common questions for us over Spring and Summer is from new homeowners asking 'do we need to change the locks in the new house?' So today we'll share the opinion of our expert locksmith on why we'd recommend it and how it can give you peace of mind during a stressful time...

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